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Festival of Lights Championship (EventID 2497)


Niagara Falls Conference Center

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EVENT INFO:   Tiny Teams FREE when you bring at least 2 more All Star Teams (if a qualifying team is pulled from event the discount will no longer apply)

Compete at events and you are automatically entered to win $1,000 for your Team. Each additional event is another chance to win. Prize(s) awarded the week after the last qualifying event. 

Qualifying events :12/9, 12/16, 1/28, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 3/10 & 3/17

Early Payments Due ON or before:   10/31/2017                           

Cheer Teams  Athletes $ 20   Crossovers $ 10   

Dance Individual $ 20    Duo $ 40  Trio $ 60  Stunt Group  $ 80

High School & College Teams $299

On Time Payments Due ON or before:     11/18/2017                      

Cheer Teams  Athletes $ 25  Crossover $ 15

Dance Individual $ 25  Duo $ 50  Trio $ 75   Stunt Group $ 100     

High School & College Teams $299

Late Payments Due ON or before:     12/2/2017                              

Cheer Teams Athletes $ 30  Crossovers $ 20   

Dance Individual $ 30  Duo $ 60  Trio $ 90  Stunt Group $  120

College Teams $325

REGISTRATION CLOSED:    12/3/2017                  

Online schedules will be posted in your accounts. Click on the event, doc reports & results and we will post a link so parents can see. 

Guidelines can be found on our website HERE

About the Event

Festival of Lights Championship
Niagara Falls Conference Center
Niagara FallsNY

About the Competitions

Division Category : Division Type :
TeamAll Star Cheer
TeamAll Star Cheer--Worlds
TeamAll Star Dance
TeamAll Star Dance--Open
TeamAll Star Dance--Worlds
TeamAll Star Dance--Open--Worlds
TeamAll Star Cheer--International Open
TeamAll Star Cheer--International Open--Worlds
TeamAll Star Prep Cheer
TeamAll Star Prep Dance
TeamSchool Cheer--Collegiate
TeamSchool Dance--Collegiate
TeamAll Star Cheer--Exhibition
TeamAll Star Cheer--Exhibition NON SCORED
TeamAll Star Dance--Exhibition
TeamExhibition All Star Dance NON SCORED
TeamExhibition Parent Cheer NON SCORED
TeamExhibition Parent Dance NON SCORED
TeamExhibition Rec Cheer
TeamExhibition Rec Cheer NON SCORED
Select ScoreSheet :
1 SatConference Center9:30 AM Session 1 Announcements   
2 SatConference Center10:00 AM Trouble Makers Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer Tiny Novice Cheer
3 SatConference Center10:06 AM Tiny Minons Buffalo AllStar ExtremeAll Star Cheer Tiny
4 SatConference Center10:12 AM Sparkle Cheer Fuzion All-StarsAll Star Prep Cheer Tiny Prep
5 SatConference Center10:18 AM Queens Cheer Fuzion All-StarsAll Star Cheer Tiny
6 SatConference Center10:24 AM OPEN   
7 SatConference Center10:30 AM Dream Buffalo Envy All StarsAll Star Cheer Mini
8 SatConference Center10:36 AM Sizzle Elite Heat All StarsAll Star Cheer Mini
9 SatConference Center10:42 AM OPEN   
10 SatConference Center10:48 AM Prodigy Infinity EliteAll Star Cheer Mini
11 SatConference Center10:54 AM Golden Niagara StealthAll Star Cheer Mini
12 SatConference Center11:00 AM Senior Elite Pom Infinity EliteAll Star Dance Senior--All Girl
13 SatConference Center11:06 AM Sparklers Elite Heat All StarsAll Star Prep Cheer Mini Prep
14 SatConference Center11:12 AM SassyKatz Cheer Fuzion All-StarsAll Star Cheer Mini
15 SatConference Center11:18 AM OPEN   
16 SatConference Center11:24 AM Extreme TIGERS ATHLETICSAll Star Cheer Youth
17 SatConference Center11:30 AM Majesty Cheer Fuzion All-StarsAll Star Cheer Youth
18 SatConference Center11:36 AM Shock Lightning All-StarsAll Star Cheer Youth
19 SatConference Center11:42 AM Fierce Niagara StealthAll Star Cheer Youth
20 SatConference Center11:48 AM Y1 BatKids Buffalo AllStar ExtremeAll Star Prep Cheer Youth Prep
21 SatConference Center11:54 AM Red Rubies Elite Heat All StarsAll Star Prep Cheer Junior Prep
22 SatConference Center12:00 PM Sassy Six Infinity EliteAll Star Dance Mini
23 SatConference Center12:06 PM Dare Devils Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer Junior
24 SatConference Center12:12 PM Electric Elite Heat All StarsAll Star Cheer Junior
25 SatConference Center12:24 PM Exclusive Infinity EliteAll Star Cheer Junior
26 SatConference Center12:30 PM A. Adebiyi, M. Stephens Cheer Fuzion All-StarsCheer Duo Mini
27 SatConference Center12:36 PM Classified Niagara StealthAll Star Cheer Senior
28 SatConference Center12:42 PM Sr 1 Avengers Buffalo AllStar ExtremeAll Star Prep Cheer Senior Prep
29 SatConference Center12:48 PM S. Botelho, T. Messam, E. Storey, L. Antwi Cheer Fuzion All-StarsStunt Group -- All Girl Youth
30 SatConference Center12:54 PM Fireflies Elite Heat All StarsAll Star Cheer--Special Needs Special Needs
31 SatConference Center1:00 PM Intermission   
32 SatConference Center1:30 PM Session 1 Awards   
33 SatConference Center2:00 PM Session 2 Announcements   
34 SatConference Center2:18 PM Divas Cheer Fuzion All-StarsAll Star Cheer Junior
35 SatConference Center2:24 PM Y2 Super Girls Buffalo AllStar ExtremeAll Star Prep Cheer Youth Prep
36 SatConference Center2:30 PM Karma TIGERS ATHLETICSAll Star Cheer Junior
37 SatConference Center2:36 PM Impulse Lightning All-StarsAll Star Cheer Junior
38 SatConference Center2:42 PM Obsession Buffalo Envy All StarsAll Star Cheer Junior
39 SatConference Center2:48 PM Heartbreakers Elite Heat All StarsAll Star Cheer Junior
40 SatConference Center2:54 PM Aces Niagara StealthAll Star Cheer Junior
41 SatConference Center3:00 PM OPEN   
42 SatConference Center3:06 PM Top Notch Infinity EliteAll Star Cheer Senior
43 SatConference Center3:12 PM Astro Cheer Elite Super Nova Astro Cheer EliteAll Star Cheer Senior
44 SatConference Center3:18 PM Bombshells Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer Senior
45 SatConference Center3:24 PM Blackout Niagara StealthAll Star Cheer Senior
46 SatConference Center3:30 PM Blackout Lightning All-StarsAll Star Cheer Senior
47 SatConference Center3:36 PM Obsession TIGERS ATHLETICSAll Star Cheer Senior
48 SatConference Center3:42 PM Sr 3 Wonder Nation Buffalo AllStar ExtremeAll Star Cheer Senior--Coed
49 SatConference Center3:48 PM Buffalo Envy Sr. 3 Buffalo Envy All StarsAll Star Cheer Senior
50 SatConference Center3:54 PM Sparks Senior Cheer Sparks All StarsAll Star Cheer Senior
51 SatConference Center4:00 PM Gemz Elite Cheer Fuzion All-StarsAll Star Cheer Senior
52 SatConference Center4:06 PM Adrenaline TIGERS ATHLETICSAll Star Cheer--International Open Intl Open--Coed--Small
53 SatConference Center4:20 PM Intermission   
54 SatConference Center4:50 PM Session 2 Awards   
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