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Early Payments Due ON or before:   10/31/2017                           

Cheer Teams  Athletes $ 50   Crossovers $ 15   

Dance Individual $ 50    Duo $ 100  Trio $ 120  Stunt Group  $ 160

High School & College Teams $299

On Time Payments Due ON or before:     1/31/2018                      

Cheer Teams  Athletes $ 55  Crossover $ 15

Dance Individual $ 55  Duo $ 110  Trio $ 140   Stunt Group $ 180     

High School & College Teams $299

Late Payments Due ON or before:     3/24/2018                              

Cheer Teams Athletes $ 60  Crossovers $ 20   

Dance Individual $ 60  Duo $ 120  Trio $ 160  Stunt Group $  200

College Teams $325

REGISTRATION CLOSED:    3/25/2018                  

Online schedules will be posted in your accounts. Click on the event, doc reports & results and we will post a link so parents can see. 

Guidelines can be found on our website HERE

About the Event

In the Net Sports Complex
Lock in early pirces now with $300 nonrefundable deposit. Full payment must be received by Early date.
Any additional changes after Early date will be at the current rate.

About the Competitions

Division Category : Division Type :
TeamAll Star Cheer
TeamAll Star Cheer--Worlds
TeamAll Star Dance
TeamAll Star Dance--Open
TeamAll Star Dance--Worlds
TeamAll Star Dance--Open--Worlds
TeamAll Star Cheer--International Open
TeamAll Star Cheer--International Open--Worlds
TeamAll Star Prep Cheer
TeamAll Star Prep Dance
TeamSchool Cheer--Collegiate
TeamSchool Dance--Collegiate
TeamAll Star Cheer--Exhibition
TeamAll Star Cheer--Exhibition NON SCORED
TeamAll Star Dance--Exhibition
TeamExhibition All Star Dance NON SCORED
TeamExhibition Parent Cheer NON SCORED
TeamExhibition Parent Dance NON SCORED
TeamExhibition Rec Cheer
TeamExhibition Rec Cheer NON SCORED
Select ScoreSheet :
1 SatWarmups9:30 AM Announcements   
2 SatWarmups10:00 AM OPEN   
3 SatWarmups10:06 AM R. Benedict, T. Elia, A. Geisinger, M. Sleeper Owego Cheer AthleticsStunt Group -- All Girl Junior
4 SatWarmups10:12 AM Butterflies Owego Cheer AthleticsRec Cheer Mini Rec
5 SatWarmups10:18 AM Trouble Makers Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer Tiny Novice Cheer
6 SatWarmups10:24 AM Kitty Kats Buffalo Panther All stars Buffalo Panther All StarsAll Star Cheer Mini
7 SatWarmups10:30 AM Hot Tots Legacy Cheer 412All Star Prep Cheer Tiny Prep
8 SatWarmups10:36 AM Reckless Northeast RebelsAll Star Prep Cheer Youth Prep
9 SatWarmups10:42 AM Williamsport Twisters Code Blue Williamsport TwistersAll Star Cheer Youth
10 SatWarmups10:48 AM Youth Buffalo Panthers All Stars Buffalo Panther All StarsAll Star Cheer Youth
11 SatWarmups10:54 AM Dare Devils Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer Junior
12 SatWarmups11:00 AM A. Hurd, A. Hurd, K. Klett, B. Predmore, A. Shultis Owego Cheer AthleticsStunt Group -- All Girl Youth
13 SatWarmups11:06 AM SUNY Brockport Gold SUNY Brockport CheerleadingSchool Cheer--Collegiate Collegiate
14 SatWarmups11:12 AM Stars studioFABRec Cheer--Exhibition Youth Rec
15 SatWarmups11:18 AM Judges Break 15 Min   
16 SatWarmups11:36 AM Jr. Buffalo Panthers All stars Buffalo Panther All StarsAll Star Cheer Junior
17 SatWarmups11:42 AM Williamsport Twisters Code Black Williamsport TwistersAll Star Cheer Junior
18 SatWarmups11:48 AM Dynasty Legacy Cheer 412All Star Cheer Youth
19 SatWarmups11:54 AM Bombshells Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer Senior
20 SatWarmups12:00 PM Dragonflies Owego Cheer AthleticsRec Cheer Junior Rec
21 SatWarmups12:06 PM OPEN   
22 SatWarmups12:12 PM Bumblebees Owego Cheer AthleticsRec Cheer Tiny Rec
23 SatWarmups12:18 PM OPEN   
24 SatWarmups12:24 PM Black-Ops Northeast RebelsAll Star Cheer--Exhibition NON SCORED Exhibition All Star Cheer NON SCORED
25 SatWarmups12:30 PM CODE DEENA SR L4 Williamsport TwistersStunt Group -- All Girl Senior
26 SatWarmups12:36 PM SUNY Brockport Green SUNY Brockport CheerleadingSchool Cheer--Collegiate Collegiate All-Girl
27 SatWarmups12:42 PM Fierce Legacy Cheer 412All Star Cheer Senior
28 SatWarmups12:50 PM Intermission   
29 SatWarmups1:00 PM Awards   
Category :

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