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Winter Weekender (EventID 4837)

11/12/2021 - 12/12/2021

Winter Gardens

About the Event

Winter Weekender
Winter Gardens
11/12/2021 - 12/12/2021

About the Competitions

Division Category : Division Type :
TeamSCUK International Dance
TeamSCUK-School Cheer
TeamSCUK University Dance
Small GroupCheer Duo
Small GroupCheer Trio
Small GroupDance Duo
Small GroupDance Trio
Small GroupStunt Group
Small GroupPartner Stunt
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Routine Pending Routine Done Session Other
1 SatAud09:00 Abbie B., Emily Margaret I. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-DUOCheer Junior Cheer Duo
2 SatAud09:03 Charley Eve R., Ruby Marie S. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-DUOCheer Mini Cheer Duo
3 SatAud09:06 Ashleigh M. 776 Cheer EliteC-SoloC Junior Cheer Solo
4 SatAud09:09 Elleah K., Autumn T. Wyre Forest CheerleadingC-DUOCheer Mini Cheer Duo
5 SatAud09:12 Lillia B. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-SoloC Junior Cheer Solo
6 SatAud09:15 Millie S. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-SoloC Open Cheer Solo
7 SatAud09:18 Mackenzie M. Harrogate Gymnastics All-StarsC-SoloC Junior Cheer Solo
8 SatAud09:24 Fay P. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-SoloC Senior Cheer Solo
9 SatAud09:27 Sophie G. Harrogate Gymnastics All-StarsC-SoloC Junior Cheer Solo
10 SatAud09:30 Faith-Eve B. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-SoloC Tiny Cheer Solo
11 SatAud09:33 Daisy T. Harrogate Gymnastics All-StarsC-SoloC Youth Cheer Solo
12 SatAud09:36 Isla W. Pixies CheerC-SoloC Tiny Cheer Solo
13 SatAud09:39 Aimee B., Lola G., Lucie P. Cheer Force Knights MaryportC-TRIOCheer Youth Cheer Trio
14 SatAud09:42 Naomi W., Ava L., Emily O. Pixies CheerC-TRIOCheer Mini Cheer Trio
15 SatAud09:45 A. Pernes Scorpions MansfieldC-SoloC Mini Cheer Solo
16 SatAud10:00 Myesha B., Autumn T., Evie Mae A., Penny C., Aneya M. Wyre Forest CheerleadingGSCheer Youth Level 1
17 SatAud10:03 Eva K., Jasmine B., Summer E., Kyle D. Cheer Force KnightsGSCheer Junior Level 2
18 SatAud10:06 Brooke C., Lucie P., Katie Louise W., Charley Eve R., Ruby Marie S. Cheer Force Knights MaryportGSCheer Youth Level 1
19 SatAud10:09 Abbie B., Emily Margaret I., Grace R., Lillia B., Holly P. Cheer Force Knights MaryportGSCheer Junior Level 2
20 SatAud10:12 Zoe Sian R., Faith-Eve B., Poppy Isabelle W., Isabella Rose T. Cheer Force Knights MaryportGSCheer Tiny Level 1
21 SatAud10:15 Ainsley B., Holly J., Sarah C., Kayla R., Sarah M. The Glitter Bombs Dance and CheerGSCheer Senior Level 2
22 SatAud10:18 Jasmyne A., Emma Rose E., Daisy-May H., Freya G. 776 Cheer EliteGSCheer Mini Level 1
23 SatAud10:21 KEELEY B., DELLA M., sadie b., sophia c., evie l. Theatre CrazyGSCheer Senior Level 2
24 SatAud10:24 Lucy B., Ava G., Simara W., Lily-Ann H., Olivia A. Cheer Force KnightsGSCheer Mini Level 1
25 SatAud10:27 I. Hennedy-Kiel, E. Sloan, K. Armstrong, M. Sisson, E. Bound Cheer Force Knights MaryportGSCheer Senior Level 2*
26 SatAud10:30 Amy T., Scarlet A., Teigan A., Michaela N. Cheer Force Knights SunderlandGSCheer Senior Level 1*
27 SatAud10:33 Olivia W., Holly T., Luke T., Keira H., Gabriella T. Wyre Forest CheerleadingGSCheer Senior Level 2
28 SatAud10:36 Aimee B., Lilly D., Kacie W., Annie-Mae L., Fay P. Cheer Force Knights MaryportGSCheer Senior Level 1
29 SatAud10:39 Kirsty D., Elaine H., Vanessa H., Michelle N., Sarah W. Lazer Cheer AcademyGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
30 SatAud10:42 Angel G., Erin R., Jessie M., Riley B. Cheer Force KnightsGSCheer Junior Level 3
31 SatAud10:45 Amy D., Hannah D., shannon M., Francesca M., Sophie S. Lazer Cheer AcademyGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 1
32 SatAud10:48 Erin H., Fiona M., Grace M., Hazel S., Niamh W. The Glitter Bombs Dance and CheerGSCheer Senior Level 3
33 SatAud10:51 L. Graham, L. Burton, L. Parker, L. Merrin Cheer Force Knights MaryportGSCheer Junior Level 1*
34 SatAud10:54 Jenica D., Sasha A., Rachel P., Abbie S., Julia B. Spirit AthleticsGSCheer Senior Level 3
35 SatAud10:57 Belle H., Abigail D., Millie B., Millie P., Georgia Y. Cheer Force KnightsGSCheer Junior Level 1
36 SatAud11:00 Michael C., Jessica M., Donald V., Phoebe S., Kira H. Cheer Force KnightsGSCheer Senior Coed Level 3
37 SatAud11:03 E. Hatherly, L. Mason, K. Harris, C. Guise, M. James Wyre Forest CheerleadingGSCheer Junior Level 1*
38 SatAud11:06 Cheer Speciality (Awards)   Awards
39 SatAud11:43 Mini Shooting Stars Bay StormersSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Mini
40 SatAud11:47 Tiny Snowflakes Bay StormersSCUK-NovLevel 1 Tiny
41 SatAud11:52 Tiny Typhoon Bay StormersSCUK-NovLevel 1 Tiny
42 SatAud11:56 Catnip Mystique Cheer and DanceSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Tiny
43 SatAud12:04 Fusion 776 Cheer EliteSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Senior
44 SatAud12:08 TC CHEER CUBS Theatre CrazySCUK-PrepLevel 1 Tiny
45 SatAud12:12 Rainbows Rain AllstarsSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
46 SatAud12:16 Hawks Intensity Rubies Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Mini
47 SatAud12:20 Crusade Queens Cheer Force Knights SunderlandSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
48 SatAud12:24 Mini Blaze Infinity AllstarsSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Mini
49 SatAud12:28 Fantasy 776 Cheer EliteSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
50 SatAud12:32 Lazer Crystal Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-PrepLevel 1 Mini*
51 SatAud12:36 Lazer Indigo Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
52 SatAud12:40 TC CHEER KITTENS Theatre CrazySCUK-PrepLevel 1 Mini
53 SatAud12:44 Rose Pixies CheerSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
54 SatAud12:48 Twinkles Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Mini
55 SatAud12:52 Blizzard Peak AthleticdSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
56 SatAud12:56 Rage 776 Cheer EliteSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior
57 SatAud13:00 TC CHEER CATS Theatre CrazySCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
58 SatAud13:04 Envy Alpha’s Envy CheerleadingSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior
59 SatAud13:08 Tempest Bay StormersSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Youth
60 SatAud13:12 Hawks Intensity Crystals Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior
61 SatAud13:20 TC CHEER WILDCATS CHEER Theatre CrazySCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior--X-Small
62 SatAud13:24 Hawks Intensity Diamonds Prep Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-PrepLevel 2.1 Senior
63 SatAud13:28 Hail Peak AthleticdSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior--X-Small
64 SatAud13:32 Fury 776 Cheer EliteSCUK-PrepLevel 2.1 Senior
65 SatAud13:36 Fortress Cheer Force Knights SunderlandSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior--X-Small
66 SatAud13:44 H2O Rain AllstarsSCUK-PrepLevel 1 Junior--X-Small
67 SatAud13:48 Novice & Prep (Awards)   Awards
68 SatAud14:44 Envy Cheer Force TenSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Youth
69 SatAud14:48 Twinkles Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Tiny
70 SatAud14:52 Youth Breeze Infinity AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Youth
71 SatAud14:56 Lazer Lime Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 1 Tiny
72 SatAud15:04 H2O Bay StormersSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior
73 SatAud15:08 Sparkle DB CheerSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth--X-Small
74 SatAud15:12 Lady Royals Cheer Force Knights MaryportSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior
75 SatAud15:16 Lightning Harrogate Gymnastics All-StarsSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth--X-Small
76 SatAud15:20 Lazer Scarlett Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior
77 SatAud15:24 NSC Sapphire NSC (Northern Sparkles Cheer)SCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth--X-Small
78 SatAud15:28 NSC Ruby NSC (Northern Sparkles Cheer)SCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior
79 SatAud15:32 Ignite Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth--X-Small
80 SatAud15:36 Electric Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior
81 SatAud15:40 Eclipse Bay StormersSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth
82 SatAud15:44 Crystal Solid Rock Cheer and GymSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior
83 SatAud15:48 Youth Storm Infinity AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth
84 SatAud15:56 Lazer Lilac Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth
85 SatAud16:00 Emerald Pixies CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 2 U17
86 SatAud16:04 Velocity Star SpiritSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Youth
87 SatAud16:08 Tiny Cheer / Youth Cheer / U17 Level 2 (Awards)   Awards
88 SatAud16:44 Eclipse Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Senior--X-Small
89 SatAud16:48 Giants Scorpions MansfieldSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Junior
90 SatAud16:52 Avalanche Bay StormersSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Senior--X-Small
91 SatAud16:56 Thunder Harrogate Gymnastics All-StarsSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Junior
92 SatAud17:04 Junior Suns Infinity AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Junior
93 SatAud17:12 Dynasty Star SpiritSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Junior
94 SatAud17:16 Storm Peak AthleticdSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Senior--X-Small
95 SatAud17:20 Supreme Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Junior
96 SatAud17:28 Sparks Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Mini
97 SatAud17:32 Emperors Scorpions MansfieldSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Junior*
98 SatAud17:36 Lazer White Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 1 Mini
99 SatAud17:40 Mini Cheer / Junior Level 1 & 2 (Awards)   Awards
100 SatAud18:12 Opal Pixies CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 3NT Open Non-Tumbling
101 SatAud18:16 Lazer Silver Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 2 Senior
102 SatAud18:20 Illuminate Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Senior
103 SatAud18:24 NSC Diamonds NSC (Northern Sparkles Cheer)SCUK-EliteLevel 2 Senior
104 SatAud18:28 Ignite DB CheerSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Senior
105 SatAud18:32 Uprising Cheer Force TenSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Junior
106 SatAud18:40 Tsunami Rain AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Senior
107 SatAud18:44 Senior Ice Infinity AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 2 Senior
108 SatAud18:48 Lazer MInt Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 1 Senior
109 SatAud18:52 Onyx Pixies CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 3 U17
110 SatAud18:56 Tributes Mystique Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Senior
111 SatAud19:00 Diamond Solid Rock Cheer and GymSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
112 SatAud19:04 Warpaint Cheer Force TenSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Senior
113 SatAud19:08 Opal Cheer Starz AcademySCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17
114 SatAud19:12 Zodiac Clarets Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
115 SatAud19:16 Senior Heatwave Infinity AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
116 SatAud19:20 NSC Amber NSC (Northern Sparkles Cheer)SCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17
117 SatAud19:24 Glow Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
118 SatAud19:28 Weathergirls Rain AllstarsSCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17
119 SatAud19:32 Lazer Sapphire Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior*
120 SatAud19:36 Jade Pixies CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17
121 SatAud19:44 Ladies of Typhoon Bay StormersSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
122 SatAud19:48 Wildfire Bay StormersSCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17
123 SatAud19:52 Cyclone Scorpions MansfieldSCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
124 SatAud19:56 Mockingjay Mystique Cheer and DanceSCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17*
125 SatAud20:00 Tanzanite Cheer Starz AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 3 Senior
126 SatAud20:04 Amethyst Solid Rock Cheer and GymSCUK-IASFLevel 1 U17
127 SatAud20:08 Lazer Pink Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-EliteLevel 4 Senior Coed
128 SatAud20:12 Chummies DB CheerSCUK-EliteLevel 1 Open
129 SatAud20:24 Jet Pixies CheerSCUK-EliteLevel 4.2 Senior
130 SatAud20:32 BRELLAS Rain AllstarsSCUK-EliteLevel 4.2 Senior
131 SatAud20:36 Aurora Peak AthleticdSCUK-MastLevel 1 Masters
132 SatAud20:40 Legacy Star SpiritSCUK-EliteLevel 4.2 Senior
133 SatAud20:48 Black Ice Bay StormersSCUK-EliteLevel 4 Senior
134 SatAud20:52 Lazer Gold Lazer Cheer AcademySCUK-MastLevel 1 Masters
135 SatAud20:56 Dauntless Cheer Force TenSCUK-EliteLevel 4 Senior Coed
136 SatAud21:00 Remaining Cheer (Awards)   Awards
137 SunAud08:30 Willow S. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Youth Dance Solo
138 SunAud08:33 Summer T. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Mini Dance Solo
139 SunAud08:36 Macy B. TDS DanceD-SoloJazz Youth Dance Solo
140 SunAud08:39 AVA Y. TEAM LOVE CHEERD-SoloJazz Mini Dance Solo
141 SunAud08:45 ELLA SOPHIA P. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Mini Dance Solo
142 SunAud08:48 OLIVIA M. TEAM LOVE CHEERD-SoloJazz Youth Dance Solo
143 SunAud08:54 G. Grase Scorpions MansfieldD-SoloD Mini Dance Solo
144 SunAud08:57 aalaiyah angel m. Theatre CrazyD-SoloD Youth Dance Solo
145 SunAud09:00 DEVON J. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Mini Dance Solo
146 SunAud09:03 L. Godman Scorpions MansfieldD-SoloD Youth Dance Solo
147 SunAud09:06 Millie-mae B. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
148 SunAud09:12 lilly c., KELSEY H. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Tiny Dance Duo
149 SunAud09:15 Isabelle M. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
150 SunAud09:18 Jasmyne A., Daisy-May H. 776 Cheer EliteD-DUODance Mini Dance Duo
151 SunAud09:21 Cerys H. Notts HotshotsD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
152 SunAud09:24 Poppy P., Emily L. TDS DanceD-DUODance Mini Dance Duo
153 SunAud09:27 Freya M. Notts HotshotsD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
154 SunAud09:30 MARNI M., DAMICA K. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Mini Dance Duo
155 SunAud09:33 SUMMER ALEXANDRA B. Theatre CrazyD-SoloD Junior Dance Solo
156 SunAud09:39 Kayla B. Notts HotshotsD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
157 SunAud09:42 Omotola A., Nicole L. TDS DanceD-DUODance Youth Dance Duo
158 SunAud09:45 Gracie T. Notts HotshotsD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
159 SunAud09:48 TONI M., ERIN A. TEAM LOVE CHEERD-DUODance Youth Dance Duo
160 SunAud09:51 Lilly C. TDS DanceD-SoloJazz Junior Dance Solo
161 SunAud09:54 IZZY F., brooke f. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Youth Dance Duo
162 SunAud09:57 ruby dakota c. Theatre CrazyD-SoloD Junior Dance Solo
163 SunAud10:00 erin b., jessica s. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Youth Dance Duo
164 SunAud10:03 rhianna f. Theatre CrazyD-SoloD Junior Dance Solo
165 SunAud10:06 KEELEY B., SUMMER ALEXANDRA B. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Junior Dance Duo
166 SunAud10:09 Jessica G., Heidi M. TDS DanceD-DUODance Youth Dance Duo
167 SunAud10:12 K. Walters Scorpions MansfieldD-SoloD Junior Dance Solo
168 SunAud10:15 NADIA P., ruby dakota c. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Senior Dance Duo
169 SunAud10:18 Beth D. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Senior Dance Solo
170 SunAud10:21 Megan B., Morgan B. Notts HotshotsD-DUODance Senior Dance Duo
171 SunAud10:24 Aliesha H. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Senior Dance Solo
172 SunAud10:27 evie l., sadie b. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Senior Dance Duo
173 SunAud10:30 Mollie-Kate S. 776 Cheer EliteD-SoloJazz Senior Dance Solo
174 SunAud10:33 chris li` f., owen f. Theatre CrazyD-DUODance Senior Dance Duo
175 SunAud10:36 elise b. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Senior Dance Solo
176 SunAud10:39 Scarlett P., Krystal P., HOLLIE J. Yorkshire MartyrsD-TRIODance Junior Dance Trio
177 SunAud10:42 evie l. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Senior Dance Solo
178 SunAud10:45 KEELEY B., LEXIE B., ERIN-NICOLE P. Theatre CrazyD-TRIODance Junior Dance Trio
179 SunAud10:48 DELLA M. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Senior Dance Solo
180 SunAud10:54 NADIA P. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Senior Dance Solo
181 SunAud11:00 owen f. Theatre CrazyD-SoloDance Solo Senior Dance Solo
182 SunAud11:03 Dance Speciality (Awards)   Awards
183 SunAud11:40 TC LYRICAL CUBS Theatre CrazySCUK-DCont/Lyrical Tiny
184 SunAud11:44 Tiaras Notts HotshotsSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Mini
185 SunAud11:48 Survivor Cheer Force TenSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Youth
186 SunAud11:52 Radiance Star SpiritSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Mini
187 SunAud12:00 Vision Star SpiritSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Youth
188 SunAud12:04 TC LYRICAL KITTENS Theatre CrazySCUK-DCont/Lyrical Mini
189 SunAud12:08 TLC Passion Lyrical TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Youth
190 SunAud12:12 Shimmer DB CheerSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Junior
191 SunAud12:16 TC LYRICAL CATS Theatre CrazySCUK-DCont/Lyrical Youth
192 SunAud12:20 Lean on Me Cheer Force TenSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Junior
193 SunAud12:24 Glimmer Star SpiritSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Senior
194 SunAud12:28 Dynasty Notts HotshotsSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Junior
195 SunAud12:32 Empire Notts HotshotsSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Senior
196 SunAud12:36 TLC Queens Lyrical TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Junior
197 SunAud12:40 Glimmer Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Senior
198 SunAud12:44 TC WILDCATS LYRICAL Theatre CrazySCUK-DCont/Lyrical Junior
199 SunAud12:48 TC CATS ELITE LYRICAL Theatre CrazySCUK-DCont/Lyrical Senior
200 SunAud12:52 Red Claw Scorpions MansfieldSCUK-DCont/Lyrical Junior*
201 SunAud12:56 Refuge Cheer Force TenSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open
202 SunAud13:04 Senior Lyrical Fantasy cheer & danceSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open
203 SunAud13:12 Ascend Star SpiritSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open
204 SunAud13:20 TLC Heartbreakers Lyrical TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open
205 SunAud13:28 Contemporary/Lyrical (Awards)   Awards
206 SunAud13:54 Tc Hip Hop Cubs Theatre CrazySCUK-DHip Hop Tiny
207 SunAud13:58 Spirit Minis TDS DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Mini
208 SunAud14:02 Fusion Clarets Cheer and DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
209 SunAud14:06 Sparkles IndependanceSCUK-DHip Hop Mini
210 SunAud14:10 Flames IndependanceSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
211 SunAud14:14 Princesses Notts HotshotsSCUK-DHip Hop Mini
212 SunAud14:18 Serenity TDS DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
213 SunAud14:22 TC HIP HOP KITTENS Theatre CrazySCUK-DHip Hop Mini
214 SunAud14:26 TLC Passion Hip Hop TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
215 SunAud14:30 Rythmix TDS DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Mini
216 SunAud14:34 TLC Kiss Hip Hop TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
217 SunAud14:38 Ignite IndependanceSCUK-DHip Hop Junior
218 SunAud14:46 TC HIP HOP CATS Theatre CrazySCUK-DHip Hop Youth
219 SunAud14:50 Warriors Notts HotshotsSCUK-DHip Hop Junior
220 SunAud14:54 Crowns Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
221 SunAud14:58 Blaze Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Junior
222 SunAud15:02 Affinity TDS DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Youth
223 SunAud15:06 Unity TDS DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Junior
224 SunAud15:10 Inferno Spotlight Cheer and DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Senior
225 SunAud15:14 TC WILDCATS HIP HOP Theatre CrazySCUK-DHip Hop Junior
226 SunAud15:18 Fusion Pom TDS DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Senior
227 SunAud15:22 Predators Scorpions MansfieldSCUK-DHip Hop Junior*
228 SunAud15:26 Majesty Notts HotshotsSCUK-DHip Hop Senior
229 SunAud15:30 Ignite Clarets Cheer and DanceSCUK-DHip Hop Junior
230 SunAud15:34 TLC Heartbreakers Hip Hop TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DHip Hop Senior
231 SunAud15:38 Fury Clarets Cheer and DanceSCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open
232 SunAud15:42 TC CATS ELITE HIP HOP Theatre CrazySCUK-DHip Hop Senior
233 SunAud15:48 Hip Hop (Awards)   Awards
234 SunAud16:20 Glimmer Star SpiritSCUK-DJazz Senior
235 SunAud16:24 Reign Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-DJazz Junior
236 SunAud16:28 TC CATS ELITE JAZZ Theatre CrazySCUK-DJazz Senior
237 SunAud16:32 TC WILDCATS JAZZ Theatre CrazySCUK-DJazz Junior
238 SunAud16:40 TLC Passion Jazz TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DJazz Youth
239 SunAud16:44 TC JAZZ KITTENS Theatre CrazySCUK-DJazz Mini
240 SunAud16:48 TC JAZZ CATS Theatre CrazySCUK-DJazz Youth
241 SunAud16:52 Supremacy Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-D-IASFJazz Open
242 SunAud16:56 Super Reign Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-DJazz Youth
243 SunAud17:00 Zero Gravity Star SpiritSCUK-D-IASFJazz Open
244 SunAud17:04 Jazz (Awards)   Awards
245 SunAud17:30 Little Rhapsody Ladies Cheer Force TenSCUK-DPom Youth
246 SunAud17:34 Embers Red HotSCUK-DPom Tiny
247 SunAud17:38 Ladies of the Galaxy Cheer Force TenSCUK-DPom Youth
248 SunAud17:42 TC POM CUBS Theatre CrazySCUK-DPom Tiny
249 SunAud17:46 Hawks Intensity Emeralds Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-DPom Youth
250 SunAud17:50 Hawks Intensity Rubies Pom Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-DPom Mini
251 SunAud17:54 Hawks Intensity Sapphires Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-DPom Youth
252 SunAud17:58 Spirit Minis TDS DanceSCUK-DPom Mini
253 SunAud18:02 Wildfire Red HotSCUK-DPom Youth
254 SunAud18:06 Rythmix TDS DanceSCUK-DPom Mini
255 SunAud18:10 Serenity TDS DanceSCUK-DPom Youth
256 SunAud18:14 TC POM KITTENS Theatre CrazySCUK-DPom Mini
257 SunAud18:18 Affinity TDS DanceSCUK-DPom Youth
258 SunAud18:22 Duchesses Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-DPom Mini
259 SunAud18:26 TLC Passion Pom TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DPom Youth
260 SunAud18:30 Dazzlers Red HotSCUK-DPom Mini
261 SunAud18:38 Hawks Intensity Topaz Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-DPom Junior
262 SunAud18:42 TLC Kiss Pom TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DPom Youth
263 SunAud18:46 Crossfire Red HotSCUK-DPom Junior
264 SunAud18:50 Tiny/Mini Pom (Awards)   Awards
265 SunAud19:16 Unity TDS DanceSCUK-DPom Junior
266 SunAud19:20 TC POM CATS Theatre CrazySCUK-DPom Youth
267 SunAud19:24 TLC Queens Pom TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-DPom Junior
268 SunAud19:28 Princesses Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-DPom Youth
269 SunAud19:32 TC WILDCATS POM Theatre CrazySCUK-DPom Junior
270 SunAud19:40 Infinity DB CheerSCUK-DPom Senior
271 SunAud19:48 Royals Yorkshire MartyrsSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
272 SunAud19:52 Hawks Intensity Pearls Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-DPom Senior
273 SunAud19:56 The Ladies of Ten Cheer Force TenSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
274 SunAud20:00 Fusion Pom TDS DanceSCUK-DPom Senior
275 SunAud20:04 Flames Red HotSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
276 SunAud20:08 TC CATS ELITE POM Theatre CrazySCUK-DPom Senior
277 SunAud20:12 Odyssey Star SpiritSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
278 SunAud20:16 Energise Red HotSCUK-DPom Senior
279 SunAud20:20 TLC Heartbreakers Pom TEAM LOVE CHEERSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
280 SunAud20:24 Senoritas of Ten Cheer Force TenSCUK-DPom Senior
281 SunAud20:28 Hawks Intensity Diamonds Hawks Cheer & DanceSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
282 SunAud20:53 Remaining Pom (Awards)   Awards
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