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University Nationals (EventID 4842)

12/03/2022 - 13/03/2022

Derby Arena

About the Event

University Nationals
Derby Arena
12/03/2022 - 13/03/2022

About the Competitions

Division Category : Division Type :
TeamSCUK University Dance
Small GroupStunt Group
Small GroupPartner Stunt
IndivCheer Solo
IndivDance Solo
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Routine Pending Routine Done Session Other
1 SatArena09:00 Storm Bath Spa RapidsSCUK-Uni-DCont/Lyrical University
2 SatArena09:07 CSU Ivy University of StirlingSCUK-Uni-DCont/Lyrical University
3 SatArena09:14 Exeter Emeralds Lyrical Exeter EmeraldsSCUK-Uni-DCont/Lyrical University
4 SatArena09:21 York Hornets Lyrical York Hornets CheerleadingSCUK-Uni-DCont/Lyrical University
5 SatArena09:28 Eclipse Northumbria NorthstarsSCUK-Uni-DCont/Lyrical University
6 SatArena09:35 Ruskin Raiders Lyrical Anglia Ruskin RaidersSCUK-Uni-DCont/Lyrical University
7 SatArena09:45 EUCD Vixens Hip Hop EUCD VixensSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University
8 SatArena09:52 Strathclyde Warriors Hip Hop Strathclyde WarriorsSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University
9 SatArena09:59 Exeter Emeralds Hip Hop Exeter EmeraldsSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University
10 SatArena10:06 York Hornets HipHop York Hornets CheerleadingSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University*
11 SatArena10:13 Onyx Leicester PanthersSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University*
12 SatArena10:20 Ocean Warriors Bath Spa RapidsSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University Coed
13 SatArena10:27 Ruskin Raiders Hip Hop Anglia Ruskin RaidersSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University Coed
14 SatArena10:34 Inferno Northumbria NorthstarsSCUK-Uni-DHip Hop University Coed
15 SatArena10:44 Pearl EHU XtremeSCUK-Uni-DJazz University
16 SatArena10:51 EUCD Vixens Jazz EUCD VixensSCUK-Uni-DJazz University
17 SatArena10:58 Pearl Liverpool FoxesSCUK-Uni-DJazz University
18 SatArena11:05 Exeter Emeralds Jazz Exeter EmeraldsSCUK-Uni-DJazz University
19 SatArena11:12 UCLan Tigers Jazz Team UCLAN TigersSCUK-Uni-DJazz University
20 SatArena11:19 Electric Bath Spa RapidsSCUK-Uni-DJazz University
21 SatArena11:26 University Lyrical / Jazz / Hip Hop (Awards)   Awards
22 SatArena11:49 Large Pom UEA Angels Cheer DanceSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Large*
23 SatArena11:56 Strathclyde Warriors Pom Strathclyde WarriorsSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Large
24 SatArena12:03 WSIHE WOLVES SAPPHIRE WSIHE WOLVESSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Large
25 SatArena12:10 EUCD Vixens Pom EUCD VixensSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
26 SatArena12:17 Monsoon Bath Spa RapidsSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
27 SatArena12:24 Ruby Liverpool FoxesSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
28 SatArena12:31 CSU Wicked University of StirlingSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small*
29 SatArena12:38 Small Pom UEA Angels Cheer DanceSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small*
30 SatArena12:45 Exeter Emeralds Pom Exeter EmeraldsSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
31 SatArena12:52 Keele Panthers Elite Keele Panthers EliteSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
32 SatArena12:59 Crystal Leicester PanthersSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
33 SatArena13:13 Comets Northumbria NorthstarsSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
34 SatArena13:20 Tornado Bristol JetsSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
35 SatArena13:27 UCLan Tigers Pom Team UCLAN TigersSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
36 SatArena13:34 Twisters Hope HurricanesSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
37 SatArena13:41 dynamite Aberystwyth University Tarannau CheerleadersSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small*
38 SatArena13:48 LJMU JETS MIDNIGHT LJMU JetsSCUK-Uni-DPom University Coed
39 SatArena13:55 Stealth Bangor DragonsSCUK-Uni-DPom University Coed
40 SatArena14:02 York Hornets Pom York Hornets CheerleadingSCUK-Uni-DPom University--Small
41 SatArena14:09 University Pom (Awards)   Awards
42 SunArena09:00 Fire Derby RavensGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 1
43 SunArena09:03 Storm Aberystwyth University Tarannau CheerleadersGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
44 SunArena09:06 Watt Wolves Dusk Heriot Watt UniversityGSStunt Open/Univ Stunt Level 1
45 SunArena09:09 H2O Bath Spa RapidsGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
46 SunArena09:12 Watt Wolves Twilight Heriot Watt UniversityGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 1*
47 SunArena09:15 C4 Jets Claret CCCUGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
48 SunArena09:18 Watt Wolves Luna Heriot Watt UniversityGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 1*
49 SunArena09:21 C4 Jets White CCCUGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
50 SunArena09:24 Obsidian Leicester PanthersGS  Open/Univ Stunt Level 1
51 SunArena09:27 Inferno EHU XtremeGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
52 SunArena09:30 Tornado Aberystwyth University Tarannau CheerleadersGS  Open/Univ Stunt Level 1
53 SunArena09:33 Watt Wolves Cubs Heriot Watt UniversityGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
54 SunArena09:36 C. Siy-Yap, L. Velleman, R. Edwards, S. Khoo, T. Jiang KCL LionsGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 3*
55 SunArena09:39 Sapphire Derby RavensGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
56 SunArena09:42 G. Martin, T. Jones, O. Scott, K. Smith, E. Hubback Bath Spa RapidsGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 3*
57 SunArena09:45 Fusion Flames Fusion Cheer and DanceGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
58 SunArena09:51 Watt Wolves Alpha Heriot Watt UniversityGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
59 SunArena09:54 D. Barnes, R. Chung-Faye, T. Gerra, R. Jones Aston RavensGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 3
60 SunArena09:57 Thunder Aberystwyth University Tarannau CheerleadersGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2*
61 SunArena10:00 Merigold Derby RavensGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 3*
62 SunArena10:03 Ammolite Leicester PanthersGS  Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
63 SunArena10:09 C4 Jets Blue CCCUGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2
64 SunArena10:12 Fury Bangor DragonsGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 3
65 SunArena10:15 Earthquake Aberystwyth University Tarannau CheerleadersGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2*
66 SunArena10:18 UCLan Tigers Stunt team UCLAN TigersGS  Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 3
67 SunArena10:21 A. Morgan, C. Johnson, C. Sharman, E. Allsop, N. Joseph Aston RavensGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 2*
68 SunArena10:24 Royalty EHU XtremeGSStunt Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 2
69 SunArena10:29 Saints Storm St Andrews SaintsGSStunt Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 2
70 SunArena10:34 P. Bravery, L. Mundy, M. Fellowes-Towns, E. Higson, R. Aitchison Bath Spa RapidsGSStunt Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 2*
71 SunArena10:37 EUCD Vixens: Deja Vu EUCD VixensGSCheer Open/Univ Stunt Level 4
72 SunArena10:40 Electric Derby RavensGSStunt Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 2*
73 SunArena10:46 C. Dean, T. Hill, T. James, M. Kirby Fusion Cheer and DanceGSStunt Open/Univ Stunt Coed Level 2*
74 SunArena10:55 Stunt Groups (Awards)   Awards
75 SunArena11:30 Silver Sheffield SabrecatsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small*
76 SunArena11:34 Tidal Waves Bath Spa RapidsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
77 SunArena11:38 Winchester Spirits All-Girl Elite Winchester SpiritsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
78 SunArena11:42 Platinum EHU XtremeSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
79 SunArena11:50 EUCD Vixens: Velocity EUCD VixensSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
80 SunArena11:54 Huddersfield Warrior Hawks Huddersfield WarriorsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
81 SunArena11:58 Pearl Lancaster RosesSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
82 SunArena12:02 CSU Emerald University of StirlingSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
83 SunArena12:06 Knights Level 1 Nottingham KnightsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
84 SunArena12:10 WSIHE WOLVES AMBER WSIHE WOLVESSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
85 SunArena12:14 NTU TIGERS LEVEL 1 Nottingham Trent TigersSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
86 SunArena12:18 Fusion Ignite Fusion Cheer and DanceSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
87 SunArena12:22 Emerald Leicester PanthersSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small*
88 SunArena12:30 Aston Ravens Aston RavensSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small*
89 SunArena12:38 Bradford Ravens All Girl Level 1 Bradford RavensSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
90 SunArena12:42 Nitro University of NorthamptonSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
91 SunArena12:46 Chester Vixens Chester VixensSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
92 SunArena12:50 Ignition Lincoln JetsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
93 SunArena13:02 Typhoon Bristol JetsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
94 SunArena13:06 DMU Saints DMU SaintsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed*
95 SunArena13:10 MDX Matrix Mdx MatrixSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small*
96 SunArena13:14 Crown KCL LionsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large*
97 SunArena13:18 Storm Hope HurricanesSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
98 SunArena13:22 Sapphire Liverpool FoxesSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
99 SunArena13:26 Purple Cobras RGU CheerleadingSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Small
100 SunArena13:30 Edinburgh Napier Red Eclipse Edinburgh Napier PanthersSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large*
101 SunArena13:37 lightning Aberystwyth University Tarannau CheerleadersSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
102 SunArena13:44 QMU Sapphires QMU SapphiresSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
103 SunArena13:51 LJMU JETS SAPPHIRE LJMU JetsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
104 SunArena13:58 Gold Squad York Hornets CheerleadingSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large*
105 SunArena14:05 Fire MMU Cheer EliteSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
106 SunArena14:12 Blaze Northumbria NorthstarsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
107 SunArena14:19 UCLan Tigers Level 1 Cheer UCLAN TigersSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
108 SunArena14:26 All girl Level 1 Cambridge CougarsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University All Girl--Large
109 SunArena14:33 Central City Allstars Central City AllstarsSCUK-UniLevel 1 University Coed
110 SunArena14:37 Level 1 (Awards)   Awards
111 SunArena15:00 EUCD Vixens: Vengeance EUCD VixensSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
112 SunArena15:08 Winchester Spirits All-Girl Extreme Winchester SpiritsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
113 SunArena15:12 Worcester Sinners Worcester SinnersSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large*
114 SunArena15:20 Watt Wolves Heriot Watt UniversitySCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
115 SunArena15:24 Lady Reign EHU XtremeSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large*
116 SunArena15:28 Hurricane Bristol JetsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small*
117 SunArena15:32 CSU Envy University of StirlingSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large
118 SunArena15:36 Diamond Liverpool FoxesSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
119 SunArena15:40 Edinburgh Napier Black Dynamite Edinburgh Napier PanthersSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large*
120 SunArena15:44 Black Cobras RGU CheerleadingSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
121 SunArena15:48 Strathclyde Warriors Stunt Strathclyde WarriorsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large
122 SunArena15:52 Black Squad York Hornets CheerleadingSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
123 SunArena15:56 Derby Ravens Cheerleading Derby RavensSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large*
124 SunArena16:00 Ruskin Raiders Anglia Ruskin RaidersSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Small
125 SunArena16:04 WSIHE WOLVES DIAMOND WSIHE WOLVESSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large*
126 SunArena16:12 Supernova Northumbria NorthstarsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
127 SunArena16:16 LJMU JETS ROYALS LJMU JetsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large*
128 SunArena16:20 Gold Sheffield SabrecatsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
129 SunArena16:24 Electric MMU Cheer EliteSCUK-UniLevel 2 University All Girl--Large
130 SunArena16:28 Saints Cheer St Andrews SaintsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
131 SunArena16:35 Royal Riptides Bath Spa RapidsSCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
132 SunArena16:42 NTU TIGERS LEVEL 2 Nottingham Trent TigersSCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
133 SunArena16:49 Loughborough Student''s Cheerleading Coed Level 2 Loughborough UniversitySCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
134 SunArena16:56 Ruby Leicester PanthersSCUK-UniLevel 2 University Coed
135 SunArena17:00 Level 2 (Awards)   Awards
136 SunArena17:40 Cyclone Hope HurricanesSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
137 SunArena17:44 Inferno UWE CometsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University All Girl
138 SunArena17:48 Ruby Lancaster RosesSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
139 SunArena17:52 Black Sheffield SabrecatsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University All Girl
140 SunArena17:56 Oxford Sirens L2 Oxford University Cheerleading SquadSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
141 SunArena18:04 Knights Level 3 Nottingham KnightsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University All Girl
142 SunArena18:08 C4 Jets CCCUSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
143 SunArena18:12 Exeter Emeralds Royal Exeter EmeraldsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University All Girl
144 SunArena18:16 Huddersfield Warrior Aztecs Huddersfield WarriorsSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
145 SunArena18:20 Loughborough Student''''s Cheerleading All Girl Level 3 Loughborough UniversitySCUK-UniLevel 3 University All Girl
146 SunArena18:24 NTU TIGERS LEVEL 2NT Nottingham Trent TigersSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
147 SunArena18:28 Red Arrows Lincoln JetsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University Coed
148 SunArena18:32 Nemesis Bangor DragonsSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
149 SunArena18:36 Onyx Lancaster RosesSCUK-UniLevel 3 University Coed
150 SunArena18:40 Purple Carnegie AviatorsSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
151 SunArena18:44 Oxford Sirens L3 Oxford University Cheerleading SquadSCUK-UniLevel 3 University Coed
152 SunArena18:48 Galaxy UWE CometsSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
153 SunArena18:52 Level 3 Co-ed Cambridge CougarsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University Coed
154 SunArena18:56 Titans Leeds Trinity TitansSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
155 SunArena19:00 Black Carnegie AviatorsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University Coed
156 SunArena19:04 Exeter Emeralds Quartz Exeter EmeraldsSCUK-UniLevel 2NT University Non-Tumbling
157 SunArena19:08 Storm Bristol JetsSCUK-UniLevel 3 University Coed
158 SunArena19:12 Level 2NT & Level 3 (Awards)   Awards
Category :

Competition Awards

Squad/Person IdSquad/Person NameDivCatAward NameAward Category
463261Ruskin Raiders Hip HopTeamNations Cup - DanceGCAward
432982EUCD Vixens PomTeamNations Cup - DanceGCAward
446311StealthTeamNations Cup - DanceGCAward
427390InfernoSmall GroupNations Cup - Stunt GroupsGCAward
446312FurySmall GroupNations Cup - Stunt GroupsGCAward
453875EUCD Vixens: Deja VuSmall GroupNations Cup - Stunt GroupsGCAward

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