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Allstar Nationals Worlds FInals (EventID 5276)


International Centre

About the Event

Allstar Nationals Worlds FInals
International Centre

About the Competitions

Division Category : Division Type :
TeamSCUK International Dance
TeamSCUK-School Cheer
TeamSCUK University Dance
Small GroupCheer Duo
Small GroupCheer Trio
Small GroupDance Duo
Small GroupDance Trio
Small GroupStunt Group
Small GroupPartner Stunt
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Routine Pending Routine Done Session Other
1 SatHall218:36 Lady Ice ICE AthleticsSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open
2 SatHall218:44 ZODIAC ALLSTARS PINK Zodiac AllstarsSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open
3 SatHall218:52 Cosmic 5 Casablanca CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open
4 SatHall219:08 Adrenaline Chiltern CheetahsSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open
5 SatHall219:16 Fury Crimson Heat TigersSCUK-IASFLevel 6 Open
6 SatHall219:24 PSC Gemini Phoenix StarsSCUK-IASFLevel 6 Open
7 SatHall219:32 Ladies of the Crown Gymfinity Cheer & DanceSCUK-IASFLevel 6 Open
8 SatHall219:40 Thunder Scorpions AllstarsSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open Coed 4
9 SatHall219:48 Reign Derwent Valley AllstarsSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open Coed 4
10 SatHall219:56 Aces Aviators CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open Coed 4
11 SatHall220:04 OBSESSION Intensity Cheer and DanceSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open
12 SatHall220:12 Hail Bournemouth EliteSCUK-IASFLevel 5 Open Coed 16
13 SatHall220:20 Apollo Casablanca CheerSCUK-IASFLevel 6 Open Coed 16
14 SatHall220:28 X6 Sparks AllstarsSCUK-IASFLevel 6NT Open Coed Non-Tumbling
15 SatHall220:36 Blackout Evolution Blackout EvolutionSCUK-IASFLevel 6NT Open Coed Non-Tumbling
16 SatLudlow20:40 Virtues Lyrical Angels Dance AcademySCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open--Coed
17 SatHall220:44 Major 6 Marshals Cheer & DanceSCUK-IASFLevel 6NT Open Coed Non-Tumbling
18 SatLudlow20:47 Ascend Star SpiritSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open
19 SatLudlow20:54 Refuge Cheer Force TenSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open--Coed
20 SatLudlow21:01 Vision The Dream CentreSCUK-D-IASFCont/Lyrical Open
21 SatLudlow21:08 JC Glitter White 2 JC Dance & CheerSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
22 SatLudlow21:15 Phoenix Flames Elite Phoenix FlamesSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
23 SatLudlow21:22 Odyssey Star SpiritSCUK-D-IASFPom Open
24 SatLudlow21:29 The Ladies of Ten Cheer Force TenSCUK-D-IASFPom Open--Coed
25 SatLudlow21:36 Heatwave Phoenix FlamesSCUK-D-IASFPom U16
26 SatLudlow21:43 Virtues Jazz Angels Dance AcademySCUK-D-IASFJazz Open--Coed
27 SatLudlow21:50 Firebird Storm Firebird Dance CompanySCUK-D-IASFJazz Open
28 SatLudlow21:57 Blast Gravity Blast Cheer & DanceSCUK-D-IASFJazz Open
29 SatLudlow22:04 Zero Gravity Star SpiritSCUK-D-IASFJazz Open
30 SatLudlow22:11 Transonic Tycoons AllstarsSCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open--Coed*
31 SatLudlow22:18 WILDFIRE Intensity Cheer and DanceSCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open--Coed
32 SatLudlow22:25 Queen B''s BellaTrix Dance CompanySCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open
33 SatLudlow22:32 SLS-Fury SLS Cheer & DanceSCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open
34 SatLudlow22:39 Dominion Elite Angels Dance AcademySCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open
35 SatLudlow22:46 Glacier Firebird Dance CompanySCUK-D-IASFHip Hop Open
Category :

Competition Awards

Squad/Person IdSquad/Person NameDivCatAward NameAward Category
496555ZODIAC ALLSTARS PINKTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496559FuryTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496560PSC GeminiTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496561Ladies of the CrownTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496562ThunderTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496566HailTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496538Dominion Elite TeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496539Virtues Lyrical TeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496556Lady IceTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496557Cosmic 5TeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496558AdrenalineTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496564AcesTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496567ApolloTeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496570Major 6 TeamCheer Worlds BidsGCAward
496540JC Glitter White 2TeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496541The Ladies of TenTeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496542Zero Gravity TeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496543AscendTeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496544Firebird StormTeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward
496545RefugeTeamDance Worlds BidsGCAward

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